“Sharon is an incredible resource! She has such a deep and profound knowledge and understanding of children and their development. We have three kids very close in age and all with very different personalities. Her advice and guidance on everything from behavior to education has been invaluable to us. She brings incredible kindness and warmth — plus a sense of humor to boot — to any situation. She is my go to for all things parenting!”

Nicole Gogolak owner, Bikram Yoga Silverlake


“Thank you for the past three years of incredible guidance. Even as a neurosurgeon, nothing is more intimidating than entering kindergarten without the knowledge and insight into the future for your children. Simple questions can have multiple answers depending on the scenario. With your experience of more than 26 years you have probably encountered every scenario. You were there to guide us every step of the way. Your kindness is beyond compare and your educational skills tied to your understanding of human nature really makes for an unbelievable combination.Your parenting classes were not only hilarious but they also created a roadmap with sufficient barriers along the way to keep us parenting in the right direction. We will be forever grateful to you.”

Dr. Carl Lauryssen, and Natalie Bricker, PA-C


“Sharon Lee has taught/loved/laughed with all three of my children. Sharon guided us through Kindergarten transitions with patience, smarts, and constant sage advice. I was almost tempted to have a fourth child knowing I would get to hang with Sharon….”

Christa Miller, Actress


“Sharon speaks from the heart.  She uses language you can understand and offers real-life examples you can follow.  And that’s because her advice comes from a life well lived: a life where she’s constantly been watching and thinking and sharing those insights with others.”

Marina Zenovich, Producer and Director


“Sharon Lee is an immensely thoughtful, learned, and evolved individual.  She is a remarkable teacher of children, but after taking her parenting class, I had to wonder if her greatest service to families is her ability to transform grownups into more sane, thoughtful, and loving parents who can avoid the mistakes of their own parents and carve new pathways for their growing families.  My husband and I are deeply grateful to Mrs. Lee for her profoundly considered insights and gentle encouragement.  Every mom and dad would do well to bring a little of her wisdom into their family lives.”

Maria Geise Palmer, Film-maker