• Preschool 101: When do I start looking for Pre-schools? How do I begin my search? What do we look for? What’s the difference between the philosophies? Does my child need to go to Pre-school?


  • Kindergarten or Bust: When do I start looking for Kindergarten? How do I begin my search? What’s the difference between private, public, charter, magnet?  What is a “gift year?”


  • Kindergarten 101: Transitioning for Parents — What would teachers like us to know? What would they like the students to know? What do you want to know about school, curriculum, child development? How can you help your child with the transition into Kindergarten?


  • Discipline with Dignity: Help!?! I want to know how my child thinks, develops and grows! Help me help him or her while maintaining and instilling family values and healthy relationships. This workshop will also include but not be limited to sibling rivalry, grandparents, caregivers and learning differences.


  • Language, Literacy and Little Ones: Why is it important to read to your child? How is language development important to learning? When and how do we start? Learn how to develop home environment that inspires a love of literature. We will cover phonemic awareness and language development.  “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” – Emilie Buchwald, children’s author


  • Divide and Concur: We are parents. Now what do we do? Is there an issue with division of labor? Do you need help getting on the same page, forming a plan? Do you feel exhausted? Are you outnumbered?


  • Stressolutions:  Is there stress in your child’s life? Do you have stress in your life? How can you reduce it? How do we help our children cope and manage their daily lives?


  • Working Parents Guide to Survival: How do we find time to do it all? How do you stay on top of the laundry, dinner prep, homework, birthday parties, grandparents? This informative workshop will provide pointers and permission to pick and choose your battles with parenting. Geared towards working families but all are welcome.